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Sony MDR-AS200 In-Ear Sports Earphones Black

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Active Headphones
Exercise your right to clearer sound.
Get ready for action with headphones designed for walking, running and the gym. Sony Active headphones are lightweight and engineered for a secure fit. They wonít pop out your ears as you work up a sweat on the treadmill or get tangled with legs and arms. Whatever your active pursuit, youíll enjoy uninterrupted sound in total comfort so you can stay focused on your sport.

In-ear splashproof headphones for secure, comfortable listening

Head out for a run with the confidence that your music can keep pace. With soft moulded loop hangers, youíll get a secure fit no matter how hard youíre pushing. Donít worry about those rain showers either. These Sony headphones are splashproof so you can keep going whatever the weather throws at you.
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