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Panasonic SH-ALL1CEB-K Network Audio Connector

Panasonic ALL Series Speakers with Qualcomm® AllPlay™. Panasonic ALL series speakers with AllPlay lets you easily configure music to enjoy in multiple rooms around the house from multiple digital music sources, all over an existing Wi-Fi network. You can also use your smartphone to enjoy subscription services and internet radio* wirelessly in any room of the house. In addition, the same songs can be simultaneously played over multiple speakers.

The SH-ALL1C features a gold-plated analogue audio terminal for connecting to your existing speaker system. A high-class DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) is also used for high-quality sound and audio signals received by wireless connection, relayed to the speaker system with minimal noise and clear sound. NB: For a stable connection to the network, a wired LAN connection is recommended.

The vertical/horizontal design enables flexability in the layout, allowing to you select the installation style to match your room conditions.

Whatever the technology is, simply control all your music streaming from your Smartphone or Tablet. *The availability of subscription services and Internet radio may vary depending on the country.

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