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Panasonic SC-PM602EB-K Micro Hi-Fi CD System

High Quality Audio
Rich in detail and broad in frequency range, the SC-PM602EB-K delivers audio that fills every room with studio-like quality. Bass is driven without being overbearing, whilst treble is clear and concise thanks to the 10cm woofers. The hi-fi also comes with customised controls, giving you the power to add more treble or add more punch to the bassline.

Wireless Listening
Connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad and enjoy your favourite tracks wirelessly in stunning high-definition audio. Using Bluetooth, the SC-PM602EB-K can effortlessly connect to your Bluetooth enabled device, playing music from your collection or streaming from your favourite application.

MP3 Re-Mastering
Enjoy your old collection of CD's in even better definition thanks to the hi-fi system's MP3 Re-Mastering feature. Regain the high frequency signals that are lost when your audio files are compressed into MP3 files, and listen to your favourite tracks in high quality sound once more.
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