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Panasonic SC-HC195EB-K Micro Hi-Fi

The XBS Master is an originally developed, high-quality sound technology for even more powerful sound. XBS Master is filled with high-quality sound technologies, including XBS, which amplifies low-frequency sounds; Multi Band Gain Control, which eliminates unnatural sounds generated in the process of automatically controlling distortion; and H.BASS, which adds harmonics to enable the reproduction of bass sounds of 80 Hz or less, which were previously difficult to reproduce with this class of speaker.
Digital audio files tend to lose parts of the high-frequency signal when they are compressed into MP3 data. The Re-Master function in the HC195 compensates the lost audio signal to achieve high-quality sound.
Canceling unwanted reflecting sound with antiphase lets you enjoy direct sound clearly, without the interference of unwanted reflecting sound.
A flat, mirror-finish design on the entire front panel provides a slimmer, more stylish appearance. This slim and stylish design blends beautifully with virtually all room interiors.
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