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Landmann AVALON 5.1 - 5 BURNER GAS BARBECUE 12122

The Landmann Avalon PTS+ 5.1+ gas barbecue, with its high-quality 304-grade steel construction, is from the premium range of Landmann gas barbecues. With 4 stainless steel burners, side burner and infrared back burner it is perfectly designed to cook for up to 14 people. An additional rotisserie is also available to work with the infrared back burner, ideal for spit roasting joints of meat. A double lined hood, integrated thermometer and steel surround ensure you can regulate the perfect temperature. The stylish steel design will make a welcomed addition to your garden space, enabling you to entertain in style.

Each Avalon in the series comes with a 10-year limited warranty to ensure long-life for your barbecue, so you will enjoy family barbecue feasts for many summers to come.

Featuring PTS+, ensuring optimum temperature distribution through the grill and introducing Easy Clean an updated design of the grills with no hidden corners, steep flame tamers to prevent flare-ups and steep firebowl edges to collect dripping grease effectively. Protect your barbecue from the elements by investing in a Landmann barbecue cover, recommended model 15717, 181cm cover.

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