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Igenix IG9704 4-In-1 Air Cooler and Heater

Keep yourself cool and comfortable this summer with the Igenix IG9704 Evaporative Air Cooler. It is a powerful air cooler, heater, humidifier and ioniser. The IG9704 does not require venting or installation and is ideal for use in small to medium sized rooms, or simply as a personal cooler. The features can be easily read on the LED display situated on top of the unit, or via the remote control. By filling the water tank and selecting the Cooling/Humidifying option on the control panel you can create a fresh and cool environment in your home or office even on the hottest summer day. Make your environment more pleasant by selecting the Ioniser function, which will help to remove dust particles and also neutralise unpleasant odours.

The IG9704 isnít just essential for the summer. The powerful heating function provides 2 kW of power output which can boost existing heat sources and makes it extremely useful for those cold winter months.
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