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Outback Omega 250 Gas Hooded BBQ 370514

The Outback Omega 250 has barbecue offers fantastic value for money, from the entry level barbecue range. It is simple to assemble and easy to use and heated by lava rock underneath the generously sized 19.5" - 50cm x 14" - 36cm chrome grill.

With a Piezo ignition system which quickly lights up the barbecue and a dual controlled aluminised burner which is controlled by the two control knobs on the front control panel. Fitted with an Hammertone painted hood that ensures thorough cooking, a handy serving shelf, two rubber wheels and a removable nylon screen.

For additional versatility, a side burner has also been incorporated into the design of this barbecue which offers many more cooking options. Stainless steel tool set is not included with this product. Includes propane gas regulator and hose.

Why use lava rock?

Lava rocks are used in place of flavourizer bars, they sit underneath the grills / griddles and above the burners.

They are used to channel away any excess grease so that flare-ups are avoided. The fats and juices from the foods drip down onto the lava rock which then vapourises into smoke and steam which flavours the foods and creates that lovely barbecue smell.

As the fats and juices are turned into smoke and steam there is much less mess to clear up after your barbecue, simply turn the heat right up to burn the excess fat off the lava rock and of course you need to clean the grills with warm soapy water. It is recommended that you change the lava rock every season at the minimum you will need to change these more often dependent upon the usage of your barbecue.

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