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Ecovacs Deebot DR98 Vacuum Robot

The Floor Cleaning Robot that Empties Itself
Yes, you read that correctly. DR98 automatically empties its own dust bin! DR98 is so intelligent that when it returns to the charging station after cleaning, it automatically empties its own dust bin saving you time and reducing airborne dust often associated with manual emptying.
Cordless, Detachable Handheld Vacuum
Clean more than the floor with the 2-in-1 DR98. The robot’s charging station features a cordless, detachable handheld stick vacuum with cyclonic suction and a suite of attachments to clean surfaces a typical robot can’t reach.
SMART NAVI Laser Scanning and Mapping System
The future of floor cleaning has arrived. DR98 uses proprietary SMART NAVI technology to scan and map the environment, enabling DR98 to clean areas only once with maximum coverage, avoid obstacles, travel the shortest route back to its charging station, and remember where to continue cleaning after charging in the middle of a job.
Smartphone Control
Download the ECOVACS APP on your smartphone and operate your DEEBOT from anywhere!
Smartphone Control
The user-friendly APP allows you to: • Schedule or start an automatic cleaning• Monitor your robot's position and cleaning progress• Designate rooms or very dirty areas to be cleaned• Monitor your robot’s remaining battery capacity• Control your robot's movement• Set a virtual boundary• View a cleaning log and more!
Intelligent Cleaning Path with Memory
No more unfinished business! DR98 intelligently determines an optimal cleaning path for complete coverage and remembers where it has already cleaned, even if it needs to recharge in the middle of a job.
Obstacle Detection Technology
DR98 moves safely in your home with its map and anti-collision sensors to detect obstacles in its path and navigate around them for uninterrupted cleaning. If the sensors detect an obstacle, a signal will be sent to DEEBOT's "brain" to slow down, and select a new path. The cushion bumper provides extra protection to ensure your furniture stay intact.
Voice Reporting
The DEEBOT that talks! You will be informed of the robot’s working status. If DR98 has something to report, the robot will announce it in real-time.
Stair Safety TechnologyThanks to the advanced anti-drop sensors, DR98 cleans up to and around stairs without the risk of falling. If the robot senses a drop-off, it reverses direction and selects a new cleaning path.

Automatic Daily CleaningNever come home to dirty floor again! Use the robot’s control panel or the APP to schedule an automatic cleaning once a day, even when nobody is home.

Automatic Charging
No human intervention required! When battery power gets low, DR98 automatically returns to its charging dock, all by itself.
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