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Monster Powercard Portable Charger Red

  • The Monster Mobile PowerCard Rechargeable Portable Battery in red is the ideal solution for keeping your smartphone fully charged up while you're on the move or away.
  • It's the right size
  • Credit card-sized, this Monster Rechargeable Portable Battery is perfect for carrying with you as an alternative power source for your smartphone.
  • Slip it into your pocket or a bag without adding unnecessary extra bulk and weight. It's good for one full smartphone charge so you're always backed up when you need extra power for your phone.
  • Flexible charging
  • The Monster PowerCard Rechargeable Battery is made to suit all kinds of smartphone users with a universal charging interface that includes Blackberry devices.
  • This 1,650 mAh Li-Polymer battery can be quickly and conveniently charged via 1.5 A micro USB input just the thing if you're away on business and don't have a charger. Simply connect it to your laptop and charge your PowerCard.
  • Stay prepared on the go with the red Monster Mobile PowerCard Rechargeable Portable Battery for smartphones.
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